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10ml Samples – 3mg 70/30 vg/pg ready to vape


10ml bottles of ready to go 3mg nicotine strength samples, these are great if you’d like to try the many flavours we do without the outlay of having to buy a 50ml or 100ml bottle, all flavour choices on offer are available with full descriptions below…enjoy 🙂

More flavours will be added over time, But also at your request, If you dont see the flavour that you’d like to try (make sure its in stock first) Then use our live chat to inform us which one/s you’d like adding to the list to try and we’ll get these filled ready for you to purchase by the day after.



We had such a good result from the sour apple and lemonade, that we did another version and I think you’ll all approve of this one, juicy tangy sour fresh green ripe apples… The name tells all, keep an eye out for our other soon to come raspberry tang that’s now in stock, if you like sour, the raspberry is ramped up quite a bit more 😣


An amazingly moorish butterscotch and custard, tastes just like a mouthful of werthers original sweets with a custardy lovely-ness mmm!! This one is very very popular and doesn’t stay in stock too long, further improvements have been made with this recipe to make it even tastier, so get stuck in.


Now this liquid is so identical to the sweets you’ll be blown away, and you’ll definitely breathe more easily 😉

One of our members from our Facebook group once said this liquid was so identical he was sure we were crushing boxes of the sweets and adding it directly to our liquids… LOL 😆 if you love cherry tunes & want to vape more easily… Then get this one ordered.


This very quickly became very popular among our members and customers and quite rightly so!! it was named fruit blast until one of members said it was just like a fruit orgy going on in & around your mouth, so we had to re-name it thanks Paul – hence the name change, im sure you’ll agree its a really a nice & fairly sweet woodland fruits and juicy berries of all different kinds…delicious!!


Exactly the same as o’hh grape but with a huge dose of ice!!! If you like your liquids nice and sweet but pack a real fruity punch and a good dose of brainfreeze then this has it all, I swear you’ll not find a better tasting grapey icey liquid the world over, Admittedly i’m not a big grape lover but this is one of my all time favourite liquids, Its up there with the very best fruity liquids around.

If this one is too cold for you you can mix a bottle of o’hh grape with it to help tone it down as they’re exactly the same formulation, only this one has added ice.


Im not lying now this is probably the best icey liquid around, packs quite a huge punch on flavour and medium ice compared to our others, Its very well known that im not a big lover of icey liquids but will happily vape on this until my brain freezes (I know what you’re all thinking, well thats not that long with your tiny brain) CHEEKY!!

honeydew melon grapefruit amongst other forbidden fruits of the forrest and a medium to strong amount of ice…but WOWWW!!!-MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD, HENCE THE NAME.


The very best authentic tasting mango you’ll ever try, but with a fairly cold icey kick, our members can’t get enough of this & for very good reason…even if you don’t usually like mango as a flavour in general like me…get this tried, because i love it,its converted me its gorgeous!!

PANGO (pineapple & mango)

This is a very popular selling liquid is this one… beautiful punchy pineapple with an authentic sweet tasting mango, this concoction of flavours just works so well.


A really nice sweet and refreshing pink lemonade that’ll remind you of summer with the lovely taste of ripe raspberries and a fizzy lemonade that will leave your mouth literally watering and wanting more, get a big bottle because it will not last long, trust me!!


If you like sour liquids then you’ll love this one, it’s bursting with tangy ripe & tart raspberries, easily enough to make you squint 😣

SMURF JIZZ (Blue Slush variant)

This one needs no introduction with this old recipe of a blue slush puppy, it had pappa smurf literally blowing his load when he designed this liquid…It’s a very popular and firm favourite of our facebook group members & customers, get stuck in!!


(Heisenberg v2) another take on this liquid a more fruity bubblegum aniseed dominant, very very popular also…its a more sweeter version of our very own Crystal Meth (An alternative to screenwash if you dont like them that sweet) straight from the Walter White meth labs of Breaking Bad.


We always get really good feedback with this one as most people can never taste other strawberry liquids as strawberry is prone to fade,but this one won’t disappoint, just as described a beautiful punchy strawberry lemonade that’ll bring back memories of the long hot summers days, it’ll leave your mouth quenching for more.


This is just like those oldskool Anglo bubblegums (in the blue and yellow wrappers) I bet you can’t tell the difference, we stock quite a few Bubblegum flavoured eliquids now and this one of our best ones.


Fresh ripe strawberries, grapefruit & kiwi with a nice blast of ice on the exhale, very popular already and its not been out on the shelves long, but has a very popular following already, I’d recommend you get some while stocks last.

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Apple'd Sourz, Blue Slush, Butter Me'yup, Cherry Choones, Crystal Meth, Fruit Orgy, Grape Chill, Lsd, Mango Chill, Pango, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Tang, Screenwash, Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Bubblegum, Sunrise

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