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Do you like very cakey liquids like Victoria sponge that’ll be catching the noses of everyone around you while licking their lips? well this one is it!…its a nice sweet few layers of cake wedged together with both raspberry and strawberry jam’s sandwiched in between the inner layers, probably one the best bakery liquids on here to be quite honest, but they’re all good it just depends what you’re into really.

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Id give this a 8 out 10 for sweetness levels but ohh my god is it worth it, you should see around a weeks life from your stock mesh coils, but who cares when you’re vaping a liquid as divine as this and it really is divine.

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm


  1. David O’Connor

    I’m not a big bakery liquid fan tbh. But this is just sublime. The balance of jammy goodness and the sponge cake is just perfect 👌

  2. alastair pattison

    By far the best e liquid you can find flavour is amazing

  3. rich.stewart84

    Really nice vape glad to see it back in stock!

  4. Neil C

    This is one for those with a sweet tooth. Just like eating a Victoria sponge. The jammie Cakey combo cannot be beaten mmmmm

  5. charlotte

    this is a sweet one! Flavour is outstanding on this, albeit due to the sweetness, it’s not quite an all day vape for me though

  6. JAmes

    Super sweet, it’s one I really struggle to put down, get a lot of comments from people saying how good it smells, it tastes even better

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