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This ones the best bakery/desert/toffee type liquid on here from Quality E-liquids I reckon and will be very VERY popular, its exactly as described if you remember them popular dairy toffees in the twisty wrappers from yesteryear.

Lovely dairy toffee whirled together with banana & cream that will leave you licking your lips with delight.

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I’d give this an 7 out of 10 for sweetness levels, BUT DEFINETLY WORTH IT, you might only see just over a week out of stock mesh coils but who cares, this is delicious!!

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm


  1. Jpman

    Wowzers ! What can I say, after all the hype finally got my paws on it. Now being honest I am not a fan of the real life sweet ( or any artificial banana flava tbh ) but just had to give it a go. Delighted to say I am 100% glad I did. It has probably been said before but this is the most accurate representation in an e liquid. Such a decadent gloriously creamy toffee, swirls into that candied foam banana taste which thankfully is not overplayed. The absolute shining star is that wonderful devon toffee that just coats your pallet in silky swathes ! Oh and the aroma leaves your room smelling like Willy Wonker’s boudoir. A stone the crows 10/10.

  2. Phil Matt

    Having been sent a sample of this (cheers!), I was very excited to try it. I wasn’t disappointed.

    At this point I’ll apologize, because I’m going to ramble on a bit. Hopefully it’ll make sense and you’ll understand why!

    Ok. So I decided to try it immediately upon arrival, and it was gorgeous. A lovely balance between the toffee and banana, neither being too strong, and a really pleasant vape. Left the rest for about a week and the flavour profile changed dramatically. The toffee flavour had very definitely become the dominant flavour, with the banana left almost as an aftertaste. That’s not a complaint, it’s still very nice, but it really did change a lot. What began as a lovely light vape became a much heavier vape (in my head that sentence makes perfect sense!). For me it’s not necessarily one I’d describe as an all day flavour, but one for a nice evening puff after dinner 🤣

    I will add, I’m very much an MTL vapist, so a DTL type will almost certainly have a different experience. But there you go! Hope this helps! I’m off to buy some more 😁

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