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If you love them popular mixed berry pear ciders in summer and your wife’s keeping an eye on just how many you’re downing then we can help, this will quench your thirst for that sublime taste and keep the wife from kicking off… its time to get back on the shandy or the carling with a tank or two of our koppaburg, its identical to the taste get it ordered, we also do a strawberry & lime version of this now too.

(contains no alcohol)

(8 customer reviews)

Id give this liquid a 6 out of 10 for sweetness levels, you should see 2 weeks from a stock mesh coil on this liquid.

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm


  1. Alex Joyce

    WOW !!!!, its literally like the drink !!! without the alcohol haha

  2. David O’Connor

    Can’t believe this liquid. It’s absolutely bang on flavour like the drink.

  3. dangerousdave78

    Tastes exactly like the drink. Another top flavour from quality eliquids and defo worth a try…

  4. Peter Gosney

    Really refreshing flavour and tastes just like the drink, if you like fruity flavours without the menthol then this one is certainly worth trying.

  5. Nathan

    Exactly like the drink! Only bad thing is it doesn’t get you tipsy… Oh well we can’t all get what we want can we.

  6. Adam

    Just like the drink except you can have it all day without falling over!

  7. David Sharp

    I got advised to try this when berry bliss was out of stock and I wasn’t disappointed, its a similsr flavour profile, luscious red berries with an extra little something. This is a regular in my orders and definitely one of my top favourites!

  8. caitlin.pedder

    Spot on! Does it’s namesake proud.

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