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If you like lemon tart, then you’ll love this even more as it’s quite similar and along the same lines of citrusy biscuitiness, its just a really nice zesty citrus tangy bakery biscuity liquid (I think that quite describes it enough) 🤔 hard to describe but you need to try it to find out how good it really is.

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I’d give this a 6 out of 10 for for sweetness levels, you should see over 2 weeks stock mesh coil life with this liquid.

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm


  1. Jpman

    Ordered this one a bit unsure, but oh wow ! Vaping on the Recurve v2 rda, dual Aliens 0.20 at 90w. First impressions are that this is defo an artisan ( multi layered ) juice. Very clever in it’s crafting in that the lime is very sharp and punchy ( bordering on cool, but pure citrus ) then it gets smoothed out by what to me is a meringue. Then the aftertaste and aroma in the room is a freshly baked buttery pie crust . Yum yum this bottle won’ last long ! 😋

  2. shane.chandler7

    I’ve never eaten Key Lime Cookies or Pie, so I don’t know if they taste like this juice. And I can’t compare this juice to anything else, since it has a unique flavour all its own – there’s nothing else quite like it. What I can say is, it’s long been a favourite, and I always find myself coming back to it.

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