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OLD BLUE SLUSH (arguably the very best one around)


This one needs no introduction as all you Quality E-liquids faithful can’t get enough of it, without a doubt our best ever selling eliquid, sadly this might just be our very last batch 😭😭

For any returning customers from when we first started, this is that strong batch we made that was that flavoursome and sweet compared to the rest, we had to knock the flavour down because it was making the rest of our range seem tasteless, we’ve since vastly improved our eliquids that I think this is about equal to what we have now, but some of you still can’t let this one go and move on, most of you are guilty… Get this while stocks last

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Id give this a 3 or 4 out of 5 star rating for sweetness but boy is it worth it, you should see over 2 weeks from your stock mesh coils though.

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm
  1. allenfarrar

    Not a massive blue slush fan but this is a must try if your into your fruity flavours, by far the best around

  2. Lee

    The best blue slush you will ever come across

  3. David O’Connor

    Not arguably the best around. It is the best blue slush ever. 💥

  4. alastair pattison

    Top class e liquid and the flavour is exactly what you think blue slush should be

  5. Mark Reeves

    This one is well on its way back, so hold tight guys, its being formulated 7 improved in flavour strength as i type this, give us a few weeks tops!!

  6. Delano’s

    Best blue slush about hands downs! Amazing taste, smooth puff, everlasting flavour and just great overall!

    Gotta be quick with this one as she sells like a wildfire.

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