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SCREWBALL V2 (Raspberry) (New Flavour)


If you remember the icecream deserts from the 80’s well this is exactly that with raspberry sauce drizzled over icecream with the hint of bubblegum that was found at the bottom…this is so identical and precise in taste you will actually think you’re eating it, it will seriously blow your mind!!! up there with the very best Quality E-liquids has to offer!!


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I’d give this an 8 out of 10 for sweetness levels, you should see a week to 10 days stock mesh coil life with this liquid. but damn worth it!!

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm


  1. Chris lee

    Wow creamy smooth sweet it almost takes you back to being a kid having an actual screwball
    after taste sweet i adore sweet liquid so for me this is out of this world 10/10 a must try
    Wow very impressed.

  2. Jonathan Rubino

    Best flavour I’ve tried yet

  3. Scott

    Absolutley fantastic flavour. One of my favourites along with blue slush and strawberry ripple. These products are brilliantly priced, and the delivery is always very fast. Highly recommend!
    Long live quality e liquids.

  4. Jason Pratt

    No messing with this bad boy, Mark you are a genius. I just can’t figure out how soft vanilla ice cream can be drizzled with an authentic Raspberry Syrup and then be followed by the most exact flava of the little blue gum at the bottom of the cone which just lingers and lingers on the tongue. My actual score would be 11/10 👌

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